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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

even another step closer to perfection with the second generation. MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is definitely a strong contestant within its price range.
(June 25)

Metal Magic Research Homunculus

The Homunculus still comes across to me as a technical achievement, perhaps not an earphone with widespread appeal but one that will no doubt resonate strongly with listeners prioritising a rich, natural presentation. It provides awesome contrast to the status quo, challenging the allure of familiarity with qualities the listener can grow to appreciate.
Everyday Listening
(June 22)

Strauss & Wagner SW-ANCBT501

a great first effort for Strauss & Wagner with ANC Bluetooth headphones ... the Bluetooth DAC gave it quite a darker signature that would make it a hit or miss for some people.
(June 20)

Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020

the new Andromeda is still cut from much the same cloth as the original, it simply presents a refinement and sonic reworking as it were. A beautiful presentation, inside and out – nicely done indeed.
(June 17)