V-MODA XS (White Silver)


Released Mar 26, 2014


Model number: XS-U-WSILVER

What's in the box

  • Exoskeleton carry case
  • Carabiner clip
  • Durable ARAMID fiber-reinforced SpeakEasy™ 1-Button Microphone control cable
  • V-CORK (2)
  • V-MODA sticker


The V-Moda XS are the perfect travel buddy for audiophiles. It’s balanced and detail-rich sound is a pleasure to listen to, plus, it’s built like a tank. While the bass could use a little more impact, we had little complain about the sound. However, that said, the XS has a loose fit on the head and barely blocks out any sound, which isn’t ideal for working out or for commuters.
- Tech Radar

For sub $200 dollars these will compete with the Audio Technica M50x’s as the go to headphones. For audiophiles The XS’s may not be able to compete with the M50x’s in the sound department, but they hold their own. What they can provide that the M50x’s cannot is the military grade build quality, dual inputs, and portability.
- Sound Guys

With all the attention to detail, customizable options, the compact size, and exciting (if not balanced) sound, the V-MODA XS are a great investment for someone who likes to have their headphones with them wherever they go. For a teeny tiny on-ear headphone, they cast a long shadow on the marketplace.
- Sound and Vision

The V-MODA headphones offer stunning good looks and balanced audio at a reasonable price.
- Tom's Guide


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Wear style
Fits on-ear
Suitable usage: Home, Work, Travel
Plug type
Wired connection
Cable type
Detachable cable
Single entry cable
Microphone built in
Microphone built into cable
Battery powered
No battery required
Battery replaceable
Non-replaceable battery
Collapsible for travel
Weight (g)
Weighs 195g
Impedance (Ω)
28 ohms impedance