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Shure SRH440


What's in the box

  • 1 - HPAQA1 Threaded ¼” gold plated adapter
  • 1 - HPACA1 Detachable coiled cable
  • 1 - HPACP1 Carrying pouch


If you want something kind of like the [Sony] 7506 but with a detachable cable, or kind of like the [Audio Technica] M50X but with a smoother sound profile, here you go. They’re worth the price they cost, but they’re not going to fit everyone as comfortably as they should.
Alex Rowe on Medium
(Dec 2016)

At times I think people tend to forget that the Shure SRH-440 are a tool primarily used in audio production and not in everyday listening. I think anyone who buys these phones for the right reasons would be extremely happy with them. Build quality and comfort are excellent and this is backed up by clean and accurate sound.
Audiophile On
(Aug 2014)

as a step into the world of home studio recording, they sound great with a wide range of musical genres--and the price is right.
(Dec 2010)


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Wear style
Fits over-ear
Suitable usage: Home, Studio
Plug type
Wired connection
Cable type
Detachable cable
Single entry cable
Battery powered
No battery required
Battery replaceable
Non-replaceable battery
Weight (g)
Weighs 311g
Impedance (Ω)
44 ohms impedance