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Shure SRH1540


Released Oct 24, 2013

What's in the box

  • 1 - HPAEC1540 Additional pair of Alcantara® ear pads
  • 2 - HPASCA3 Two detachable cables
  • 1 - HPAQA1 Threaded 6.3 mm gold-plated adapter
  • 1 - HPACC3 Zippered hard storage case


The Shure 1540 ticks all the right boxes for those who do not mind a v-shaped response: It is comfortable, with pads that weren’t leather based (artificial or not), lively, clear, spacious, and very capable at general media like movies and video games. I’m a sucker for well rounded headphones with some potency and liveliness, and the 1540 does not disappoint.
Headphone Guru
(Apr 2015)

Though it seems to me slightly hampered as a pro headphone by having a slightly "U" shaped EQ, and slightly hampered for the consumer due to lacking a smartphone cable, I can't but help fall in love with some of the things it does extraordinarily well.
(Apr 2014)

Shure’s SRH1540 define the point of diminishing returns in headphone fidelity, and they are unparalleled in terms of comfort. That combination is deadly, especially at the $500 price point. The audio performance chasm that exists between these headphones and their closest under-$500 competitors is deep and wide.
Digital Trends
(Feb 2014)


Wear style
Fits over-ear
Suitable usage: Home, Studio
Plug type
Wired connection
Cable type
Detachable cable
Double entry cable
Battery powered
No battery required
Battery replaceable
Non-replaceable battery
Weight (g)
Weighs 286g
Impedance (Ω)
46 ohms impedance