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Panasonic RP-HTX80B (Matte Steel)


Released Aug 30, 2017



Panasonic has produced a rather excellent pair of affordable headphones in the RP-HTX80. The fantastic looks offer something genuinely different to the myriad other headphone companies, while the sound is easy listening as can be. However, there's not a big dollop of bass at the low-end, while the lack of any wired may restrict some. Sure, the majority of smartphones are ditching the 3.5mm connection, but the back-up option would be nice.
(May 2018)

The Panasonic RP-HTX80B look good, and offer most of the tech you’d want. Bluetooth signal is good, battery life is great plus these headphones are comfortable to wear. There are real issues with the sound, however. Honking mids are off-putting.
Trusted Reviews
(Apr 2018)


Wear style
Fits over-ear
Suitable usage: Home, Work
Plug type
Wireless connection
Microphone built in
Microphone built into earpiece
Battery powered
Battery powered
Battery life (hrs)
24.00 hours per charge
Battery replaceable
Non-replaceable battery
Weight (g)
Weighs 190g