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Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000

What's in the box

  • Hard carrying case
  • Detachable 3.0 m (9.8') cable with A2DC connectors


The ADX-5000’s are a niche proposition, and an expensive one at that. But if I’ll remember one feature of the ADX-5000, it’ll be the sense of air.
(Nov 2019)

With sparkling clarity, vivid definition, and ultra-sensitive dynamics, Audio Technica’s ATH-ADX5000 are a brilliant new way to explore your music with fresh ears, all packed into a stylish and comfortable design. Just make sure your headphone amp has plenty of juice to spare.
Digital Trends
(May 2018)


Wear style
Fits over-ear
Suitable usage: Home, Studio
Plug type
Wired connection
Cable type
Detachable cable
Double entry cable
Battery powered
No battery required
Battery replaceable
Non-replaceable battery
Weight (g)
Weighs 270g
Impedance (Ω)
420 ohms impedance