V-Moda likely to price M-100 at $303, discontinue matte black LP

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I was browsing my twitter timeline earlier today and this popped up:

Shortly after, the tweet was removed.

Still, it would make perfect sense, and I think it is safe to accept it as truth. The LP is an aging model that has been made irrelevant by the LP2 and the M-100 is expected to be the next evolution in the M-series following the highly regarded M-80 which sells for around $180.

Speaking of the M-100, here is what V-Moda founder Val Kolton had to say today over at Head-Fi: “To me, this is the best sound I’ve ever heard, if you don’t agree, it is okay.  But our team has found its ‘holy audiophile grail'”.

He also mentioned that he will be posting production updates from the factory on the V-Moda Facebook page. Here is the first:

M-100 Chronicle Countdown… Captain’s V-LOG, Vegadate 62112.8. Our position, orbiting pre production M-100. On board for the Audiophile Prize, Mister Gavin temporarily in command. On the planet the ruins of the long-dead celebrity headphones is polluting the audiophile civilisation. Ship’s sound engineer and myself are now beaming down to the driver’s purpose. Our mission, precise sound and engineering examination of M-100 and each accessory. Routine but for the fact that I am twice shy by the past is a concern. M-100’s golden audio units are the best sound we’ve EVER heard by any audio device in the galaxy. Yet, we encountered one small part that would hurt “golden ear” audiophiles that may hold up production. THIS, MY FRIENDS, is when you decide to launch or not to launch… many companies say yay… we say NAY.

Here is the pre-production peek if you haven’t seen it yet:

It looks eerily similar to the M-80, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? It seems like the difference between the M-100 and M-80 will be almost identical to the difference between the LP2 and LP: a significant improvement in sound!

Only time will tell… do you plan on grabbing a pair when they are released?

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