V-Moda M-80 White – coming soon

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Looks like we have something to hold us over until the M-100 comes out. V-Moda posted this teaser photo on their Facebook page, with the caption “Coming Soon: White is the new Black”. This will make three options available for those still looking to pick up a pair – we already saw the True Blood V-80 and of course the original. 

Below are pictures of the originals – How do you think the M-80 White will look in comparison? I’m iffy about it – I think the gunmetal grey goes perfect with the profile of the M-80, and the faceplates might just look silly in white. But hey – it’s too early to judge – we’ll have to wait and see what V-Moda comes up with.

The original V-Moda M-80:

V-Moda True Blood V-80:

For those new to V-Moda, the M-80 is their portable headphone and is very highly rated. It does not have any folding capabilities, but build quality is superb. It is over-ear in a semi-closed-back fashion, so there is some sound leakage, but not terrible. Overall one of the best portable sets for ~$200.

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