Unique Melody Merlin Review

| May 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

Price: $799 (base model)
Wear style: Over-the-ear custom mold

In Short: A bass monster custom with a hybrid five-driver configuration.

Quick overview: 

Custom IEMs have been in high demand among audiophiles lately where a few years ago they were used mostly for stage and studio monitoring. The Merlin is proof that that is no longer the case as Unique Melody has tuned these for everyday listening. Gone with the neutral sound signature – bring on the bass.

The Merlin has a “wow” factor that few other earphones are able to achieve. The bass is clean, deep, and arguably more impactful than any other IEM on the market. The low end power is reminiscent of the Hippo VB but with more clarity and realism.

Despite the prominence on the low end, it doesn’t steal the show. Mids are forward, thick, and lush. Highs are crisp and airy yet refrain from any sibilance. Soundstage is wide and deep, which pairs well its laid back and highly detailed signature.

The Unique Melody Merlin is a very fun headphone but you really have to love your bass to be able to listen to these hours on end. If you pass the bass-head test (someone needs to make one of these), but don’t want a dark sound signature, the Merlin will be right up your alley. It truly raises the bar for consumer-oriented customs. Also worth a mention is the phenomenal build quality that Unique Melody has come to be known for.


Driver type 5-driver hybrid: Dynamic for low, Dual-BA for mids, Dual-BA for highs (Knowles Acoustic TWFK Dual-BAs)
Impedance 12 Ω
Sensitivity 108 dB
Frequency response 10-19k Hz
Cable 4.2 ft (1.3m) with L-plug
Warranty 2 years with 60-day free refit
Included accessories Cleaning tool and storage case
Optional features Tip/shell/faceplate colors, socket type, initials engraving, custom artwork

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