Tim McGraw headphones? Yup

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Country music star Tim McGraw is following in the footsteps of other celebrity musicians, releasing his own line of headphones in just a few days.

Instead of just slapping the McGraw name onto a pair of headphones, McGraw says he played a big role in tweaking the sound signature to the way he wants his fans to hear his music. “The main thing was getting the sound the way I liked it, going through prototypes and saying, ‘I like the bass a little sharper here, I like the midrange a certain way.’”, he told the Washington Post. His wife Faith Hill helped design the looks.

The headphones, developed by Harman International (the company behind AKG) and JBL, will be released May 15th and come in two versions: an on-ear version with a price tag of $129 (in your choice of black or white) and an in-ear version with a price tag of $49. Check out some photos below:

The Tim McGraw headphones come courtesy of Harman (the company behind AKG) and JBL, two big players in the audio industry. Harman has another celebrity headphone due out this summer: AKG by Tiesto.

McGraw is the latest artist to join JBL’s “Hear The Truth” campaign which currently features Paul McCartney, Maroon 5, and A.R. Rahman.

He is currently prepping for his summer stadium tour with Kenny Chesney.

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