[Expired] TDK ST800 (Beats on a budget) – $80 shipped

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Newegg has the TDK ST800 full-size headphones on sale for $80 with free shipping. Deal ends May 9th. Read on for how they compare to the Beats.

The ST800 look like a knockoff pair of Beats at first glance, and essentially that’s what they are – at a much lower price. The sound is bass-centric and deliver a lot of punch and power in that department. However like the Beats, they sound muffled in the mids and the highs roll of quickly. These characteristics contribute to a very warm presentation.

The ST800 differentiates itself in one big way: it comes with an in-line visual equalizer. It does not have any presets, but for those who find the recession in the mids and highs too much, the handy equalizer will help here – to a point. Regardless of equalization the ST800 has rather poor clarity in the upper ranges, but for those who want to focus on bass, this might be the sound you are looking for.

For a full-size bass-centric headphone, the ST800 seems like a great deal for $80. However if you can sacrifice the looks, the Sony XB500 should definitely be considered. Another bassy option around this price is the D1100 which is more balanced in the mid and upper ranges (it’s also on sale right now).

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