Superlux HD668B Review

| May 15, 2012 | 3 Comments

Price: $50 (MSRP $59.99)
Wear style: Over-ear (Semi-open)

In Short: An accurate studio headphone that can be directly compared to the much more expensive AKG K601/701. The sound signature is cold due to its neutral bass, thinnish mids, and shimmering highs.

Quick review:

Starting with construction, the HD668B is light due to its plastic build. The winged headband design feels frail, but it was clearly not designed for portable use. Good enough for normal wear and tear.

Clamping force is not excessive but certainly present. Despite being semi-open, the HD668B has surprisingly good noise isolation: and low to medium volumes the sound is nearly imperceptible to those around you in a quiet room.

The sound quality is one of the best under $100 granted you enjoy a slightly cold presentation. The bass is well defined until you get to the sub-bass region where it shies away. Bass is not emphasized, so the HD668B is more suited for studio use or analytical listening.

Mids are a hair laid back and sound a bit thin, but they are some of the clearest and detailed under $100. The shiny treble is able to reveal details that are simply not audible with most budget and entry-level headphones. Those that are sibilant-sensitive will want to stay away – the HD668B don’t mask any harshness present in original recordings, which is especially true when watching low-res online videos or listening to lossy sound files. The soundstage is spacious and instrument layering is good as well.

For those searching for studio quality sound, the HD668B is an excellent value option. Its accuracy and attention to detail are incredible for the price and make it hard to pass up. It is very similar to the AKG K601 and K701, just not quite as refined.


Driver type 50mm Dynamic
Impedance 56 Ω
Sensitivity 98 dB SPL/1mW
Frequency Response 10 – 30,000 Hz
Cables 9.8ft (3m) and 3.3ft (1m) single-sided detachable with straight plug
Weight 7.5oz (228g)
Warranty 1 year
Included accessories 1/4″ adapter, cable clip, carrying pouch
Recommended ear pads AKG K240/270/271 Velours

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  1. Mike van der Tavy says:

    This headphones are rubbish . Too much mid-highs . These are NOT studio headphones . Worst sound i ever heard . Not recommended for audio mastering . Even for listening music . Not recommended at all .

    • mark says:

      What are you comparing them to? I mention they have a cold sound signature, so yes people who don’t want to risk any sibilance should probably pass. But in terms of detail retrieval and analytical listening I think these are great for the $$… they aren’t the end-all analytical headphone but I think they are a very good alternative to many of AKG’s headphones

    • Johan says:

      I have the Samson SR850 and they are nearly identical to these. They just have a bit more bass. I initially had your impressions but that changed with a lot of burn in and a better source. They wen’t from awful to absolutely amazing. Excellent clarity, balance and soundstage. If they were built better and were more aesthetically pleasing I would easily pay the extra price that would make it. This is my favorite headphone under 200 bucks. Its basically a baby q701.

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