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Looking to clean up your workspace? Want to give your headphones a stylish resting place while keeping them in pristine condition? There are plenty of headphone stands out there to choose from, and we have compiled a list of our favorites.

Photo by Drew Von Maluski

There are several types of headphone stands so before you lay any money down, here are some considerations to make:

  • Do you have space on your desk? If not, there are several clamp and hook type headphone holders that might be perfect for you. They can attach to the end of your desk so your headphones hang off the side and do not take up any desk real estate.
  • Do you want a cable winder? In practice this is usually just two stubs attached to the stand so you can wrap your cable around them. It is only really needed for headphones with long cables but regardless it will result in a more tidy look.
  • How much do you want to spend? For most people, I think a good rule of thumb would be to spend no more than 10%-15% of your headphones’ value.
If you have a do-it-yourself mentality, there are tons of guides and examples out there for how to create your own (Google is your friend). If you don’t want to get into woodwork which can be laborious, there are some neat designs made from IKEA part or you can get creative and use things from around your house. Below are some inspirational examples that I found in various forums. In order of increasing impressiveness:

For those who want something professional out of the box, here are our favorite pre-made headphone stands in order of increasing price:

Banana Hanger – $10

For basic functionality over professional looks, a banana hanger does the trick. Most cost between $10 and $20, and you have plenty of options in terms of design. Just make sure your headphones’ headband will fit on the hook. [Buy at Amazon]




Rubbermaid 5E12 FastTrack Hose Hook – $15

For a more industrial look over a banana stand, these hose hooks are a great option. You can see in the photo that the M50 fits with room to spare, so it should fit most headphones. [See it in action] [Buy at Amazon]





Cosmos Wooden Multiple Headphone Stand – $20

This the classic headphone stand design. At $20 it is hard to resist if you are looking for a place on your desk to store two or three headphones.  [Buy at Amazon]





Sennheiser HH10 – $20

This headphone desk clamp is an efficient, no-hassle, easily removable option if you are worried about desk space. It is hard to tell from the picture, but it says “Sennheiser” where the headband rests. [Buy at Amazon]





Clear Omega-shaped headphone stand – $23

Good luck making one of these on your own. Made of acrylic, this Greek letter-inspired headphone stand is one of the most unique on this list at a very affordable price. It is apparently meant for smaller headphones, but I think it will fit most headphones – the fit will just be looser. MP4Nation has several other headphone stands, but this is my favorite (and most unique) of the bunch. [Buy at MP4Nation]




Woo Audio HPS-R/HPS-T – $69/$79

“You get what you pay for” definitely applies with these Woo Audio headphone stands. Made fully of aluminum, the HPS-R and HPS-T are height adjustible from 11″ to 14″, have rubber feet for surface protection, and just look extremely professional. The HPS-R is designed to hold a single headphone while the HPS-T can hold two. They come unassembled but are very easy to put together without any tools. [Buy at Amazon]



Headphile Grado-themed Stands – Starting at $119

When it comes to finely crafted wooden headphone stands, Headphile has you covered. Some of his headphone stands are extremely expensive, but they are all hand made from heavy wall PVC covered in lambskin, and have felt feet for surface protection. A single-headphone Grado stand is $119 shipped and the prices only go up from there depending on if you upgrade to a double, triple, or quad headphone stand, but they are awesome! And you have your choice between about 15 types of wood. [Buy at Headphile]



What do you use as a headphone stand? Upload a picture and post it in the comments!


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  1. Dino says:

    Hey guys we are a fairly new company check us out for our premium wooden headphone stands
    For More styles , check my ebay account :))


  2. Anthony says:

    How come I don’t see hieutrunghandcrafts.com in here? It focuses on crucial areas all these designs failed to do.

    • mark says:

      Those look nice, but they seem a bit overpriced for a basic wooden stand. The Cosmos model is less than half the price and uses a similar design. I like the custom color options though, and those two posts look like they could act as a good cable winder.

      • Anthony says:

        Lol. The Cosmos is a joke. Kids design for walmart type of headphones. I don’t see any resemblance. There is more thinking put into Hieutrung Headphone Stand. Design is great, strong and sturdy, and stainless steel cord bar is neat. Way better engineering. Wait ’til you get your hands on one. In this list, only Woo Audio is noteworthy. However, its headphone bar is too sharp, digging into the headband. Do more damage than good, but they look beautiful though. I still don’t know why Woo Audio is creating the same problem with their new model.

  3. Yahoé says:

    I just received my Wooden Headphone Stand Headset Support Type U CLASSIC bought from chmayu on Ebay, very impressed by the quality of the item, came in it’s own cloth bag, very well packaged. It took a month to get to me by registered mail, with a tracking number.

  4. manu says:

    I think Kancha is the best brand for stand for headphones! http://kanchalaboratory.com

  5. Dan says:

    I really like the wooden headphone stand in the top photo. Who is the manufacturer? I know I’m commenting on an old post, but if you happen to see it, I would appreciate any info.

    Dan at http://misteraudio.com

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