Sony MDR-V6 Review

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Price: $75 (MSRP $110)
Wear style: Over-ear

In Short:

An affordable, tried and true studio performer that also has its place among DJ’s and casual listeners

Quick overview:

The V6 has been around since the ’80s and is still around for good reason: It is extremely durable and maintains good precision throughout all frequencies while still pushing a consumer-friendly sound signature.

Overall the frequency response is slightly V-shaped. The bass is surprisingly weighty, deep, and accurate for a headphone that is close to neutral on the whole. Mids are smooth (and a tad recessed) at the bottom end, and can sound grainy at the top end but overall they are quite revealing. Treble is forward and slightly aggressive, balancing out the relatively strong bass and slightly recessed mids. The V6’s are good at picking out details but have trouble placing them in the soundstage when tracks get busy.

In terms of build, the clamping force is light and isolation is above average. The overall build quality is superb, as there are stories of the V6 lasting 15 years+ with only the occasional pad replacement.

All that being said, the V6’s have kept up with competition and are still one of the best studio monitors at this price (and can double as a casual listening pair). I do not recommend them for portable use due to the long cord, but the V6 is a great for everything else. Highly recommended.


Space saving mechanisms Tilting cups, collapsible, coil cord
Driver type 40mm Dynamic
Impedance 63 Ω
Sensitivity 106 dB/mW
Frequency Response 5 – 30k Hz
Cable 10ft (3m) coiled, single-sided with straight plug
Warranty 90 days
Included accessories Carrying pouch, 1/4″ adapter

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