SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Review

| March 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

In an attempt to piggy-back off the success of Beats by Dre, SYNC by 50 is a similarly priced headphone that boasts an industry-new wireless/wired combo. It is a great concept from a marketing perspective, but SMS Audio just wasn’t able to pull it off on the technical/engineering side.

I won’t give a full review for these since I have not tested them myself, so I will stick to the basics that I have gained from reading other reviews.

Starting with the good, the wireless feature works up to 20 feet away. Pretty cool for walking around your (small) house. However because they don’t fold at all, they suffer in the portability department – I guess they assume you will just sport them on your neck… alright.

Onto the bad. Although the SYNC looks pretty sleek, to me it resembles the Beats a little too much. I think SMS could have taken a different angle in the design department. But if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

In terms of sound quality, the SYNC is not up to $400 standards by a long-shot. If sound is your #1 concern, please look elsewhere. The SYNC is designed for style, wireless usage, and bass.

Now onto the worst. The “bass enhancement” feature only “works” on the wireless setting, and it probably shouldn’t even be called an enchancement since it distorts the sound. Also, all the buttons on the headphones do not work out of the box – you’ll need to purchase an $80 USB device to hook up to your computer.

I think that touches all our bases. To sum it up, SMS Audio aimed high but came up short in most technical areas. These headphones should not warrant purchases from customers in the market for a value headphone.

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