Skullcandy Mix Master Review

| May 9, 2012 | 2 Comments

Price: $299 (MSRP $299)
Wear type: Over-ear (DJ style)
Key features: Cue Control downmixing, Mute button, In-line microphone, Color customization

In Short: A fun, assertive headphone with some great features for DJs. The sound quality is not quite up to par with other $300 headphones but taken as a total package (and lifetime warranty!), the Mix Master is a very solid offering.

Quick overview:

Designed by Mix Master Mike, these headphones are feature-happy when it comes to DJ use. The Cue Control technology automatically downmixes the output from stereo to mono when one of the cups is swiveled, and one-ear listening comes naturally. The single-sided cable can be plugged into either ear cup, and the headphones are collapsible for travel.

The build quality is not the most rugged but to ease any concerns in this area the Mix Master comes with a lifetime warranty. Its glossy finish will have you rubbing it down every so often with the included cloth to remove fingerprints and keep them looking fresh.

Comfort is good – if the ear pads seem too thin, you can try stuffing cotton around the inside perimeter. They rotate in different directions and should accommodate heads of all shapes and sizes… no discrimination!

The sound quality is impressive, and not only by Skullcandy standards. The presentation is aggressive, pushing powerful, punchy bass and forward mids. The quality of the bass is very good, boasting good control and body. It has a hard time keeping up with extremely fast songs on the low-end but most of the time it fares well.

Overall clarity is decent but is not up to par with some other top DJ sets. The Mix Master sounds best with modern music thanks to its upfront delivery. The soundstage is small, but naturally so due to its closed-back design. Imaging is difficult but due to the overall forward presentation it is easy to catch the details.

One of the let downs in the Mix Master is its sub-par noise isolation. Despite having closed-back ear cups, it does not perform like a closed headphone in practice. It leaks quite a bit at medium to high volumes, so unfortunately the Mix Master isn’t suited for quiet environments.

The Mix Master is not only a Beats killer, but a feature-rich DJ headphone that also deserves a place among consumers due to its lifetime warranty and fun sound.


Color options Black (standard), Custom colors (+$100), NBA colors+logo (+$200)
Driver type 50mm Dynamic
Frequency Response 20-20,000 Hz
Cable Ambidextrous single-sided detachable 4.5ft (1.4m) with straight plug and 5’ (1.5m) coiled with L-plug
Included accessories Semi-hard carrying case, 1/4″ adapter, cleaning cloth
Warranty Lifetime

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  1. Qin Hao says:

    Can these headphones block sound? I mean like drowning down external noise from cars, human voices, engines etc.

    • mark says:

      As I mention in the overview, “One of the let downs in the Mix Master is its sub-par noise isolation. Despite having closed-back ear cups, it does not perform like a closed headphone in practice”. That being said, the louder the music, the less you will be able to hear outside noise! Hope this helps.

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