Shure reveals three new headsets: BRH31M, BRH440M, BRH441M

| May 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

Shure is on their game in 2012! After just releasing two open-back headphones, the company has three headsets that will be released within the next few months: the BRH31M, BRH440M, and BRH441M.

Designed to handle loud broadcasting and media production environments, each model brings something different to the table.

The BRH31M is the cheapest option at $199. It is an extremely lightweight headset with a single-sided on-ear design.

The BRH441M seems to be the upgrade over the 31M. For $100 more, you will get the same single-sided (aka one ear) design, but this time with a detachable cable and “flip-mute” technology which deactivates the microphone when you flip it up.

The BRH440M (pictured above) is the only double-sided headset of the bunch and supposedly has great isolation from outside noise. The cable is detachable, can be plugged into either ear, and the microphone features the aforementioned “flip-mute” technology. The 440M will sell for $249.

Check out the press release for more details about each model.

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