Sennheiser HD 700 – Coming Soon!

| March 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

Announced at this year’s CES, the HD 700 looks like it is straight out of the movie Tron. Details after the jump!

Featuring a vibration dampening frame, angled transducers for an enhanced soundstage, and a patent-pending ventilated magnet system for airflow management, these headphones are sure to be game changers. Total harmonic distortion is rated at less than .0003! As such, the 700s will be very balanced and aim to reproduce the sound exactly the way it was manufactured by the sound engineer. This is not always what you want, especially if you are looking for “fun” cans, but you knew that already.

I am just curious to see how they will match up with their older brother, the HD 800. The HD 700 is priced slightly lower at $1,000.

Who’s put in their preorder?

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