Sennheiser aims at next-gen gamers with the G4ME One and G4ME Zero headsets

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Sennheiser is no newcomer to gaming headsets. Their PC 360 is actually one of our favorite gaming headsets, but Sennheiser doesn’t settle so we have two new flagships on our hands.

Introduced at CES, the G4ME One and G4ME Zero headsets aim to be top tier options for PC, Mac, and PS4 gamers. Unfortunately there is no Xbox One support (due to Microsoft’s strict rules on third-party peripherals, as we have seen before), and last-gen console support is also excluded.

Sennheiser G4ME One

Sennheiser G4ME One

Features of the new headsets include:

  • “XXL” ear pads for comfortable over-ear wear
  • Noise canceling microphone filters out everything but your voice
  • “Intuitive mute” triggers when microphone is swiveled up

The difference between the two headsets is threefold. First, the G4ME One is open-back (wider soundstage at the expense of sound leakage), while the G4ME Zero is closed-back (narrower soundstage but isolates the noise). Also, the ear pads are different: the G4ME One has velvet pads while the G4ME Zero uses memory foam pads. Lastly, the G4ME Zero is collapsible, meaning it can be folded up flat for portability.

The new headsets are shipping now from on the Sennheiser Online Store. The G4ME One can be had for $249, while the G4ME Zero is slightly more expensive at $279.

Note that you may need a combo audio adapter because these headsets have 2 plugs: a microphone out, and an audio in. For the PS4, you will definitely need one.

Sennheiser G4ME Zero

Sennheiser G4ME Zero

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