Pre-order the V-Moda VTF-100 (M-100 First-Production Run Unit)

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The M-100 has generated quite the buzz over at Head-Fi and that buzz is being kept alive by CEO Val Kolton’s frequent updates. The latest news of the M-100 is that you can now pre-order a pre-production unit!

UPDATE: Val actually stated on Head-Fi that that these are the FIRST RUN production units, not pre-production, so lay any concerns you have to rest (and ignore some of my statements below). Sorry about the misinformation! Pre-order a first-production-run M-100 here. They will come with a special “mystery” extra that Val has not revealed yet, and will ship within the next couple weeks.

You can do all the customizations you want on the VTF-100. From the choice of 3 main colors (white silver, matte black, or shadow) to shield colors, earpad colors, and shield artwork, there is definitely something for everyone. The VTF-100 costs $310 but I think this will be a deal considering the M-100 is expected to retail for $300 and custom shield artwork costs $25. One warning: the drivers of the VTF-100 are likely to be tuned slightly differently than the final production M-100.

For those who haven’t heard about the M-100 yet, it will be V-Moda’s flagship headphone. As opposed to the supra-aural (on-ear) M-80, the M-100 will be circum-aural (over-the-ear), a change I am completely unopposed to. Among other things such as an increased driver size from 40mm to 50mm is the fact that the M-100 features a unique “snapping” folding mechanism. There are no videos of the folding in action, but this is expected to be the trademark feature of the headphone.

So… who’s in? I am very tempted but I am going to hold out for the final production M-100. Who knows what color options might open up, or how much better the final M-100 will sound. The VTF-100 will be a collectors item (with a potentially extremely high value depending on the M-100’s success), but I just don’t want to drop $300 on a headphone with potentially sub-par driver tuning.

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