Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless earbuds coming in April

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Wireless earbuds is familiar territory for Californian audio company Plantronics. In 2012 they released the BackBeat Go, and in 2013 an updated version came out, the BackBeat Go 2. While the BackBeat Go is designed for general use, the new BackBeat FIT is tailored specifically for working out.

BackBeat FIT

Announced at MWC, the BackBeat FIT comes in two colors, neon Green and neon Blue (Lime Burst and Electric Blue if you want to be exact). The earbuds will be available in North America, Hong Kong, and Europe starting in April for $129.99.

Two features that Plantronics is heavily marketing for these headphones deal with safety. The headband is reflective so at night you can be seen by cars. In addition, the ear tip design allows for hearing outside noises. I am assuming this means there are vents that do not compromise a good seal, otherwise the sound quality will suffer.

Although the FIT is battery powered, you shouldn’t have to worry about battery life: you can get 8 hours of listening time from a single charge, plus DeepSleep mode can hold the charge for up to six months (but don’t let this encourage you to slack off on your workouts!).


Moving onto accessories, the BackBeat FIT comes with a 2-in-1 armband / carrying-case.

The design is nothing revolutionary and reminds me of the Motorola S11 Flex HD that I reviewed back in 2012. I had comfort issues with the S11 Flex but the ear tip design and ear loop design on the BackBeat FIT looks much different so I’m not sure they are comparable. Regardless, you’re probably best off holding out on these until you read some reviews.

[via TMCNet]

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