Pick your poison: Ankit announces 75 new headphones

| July 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

Ankit is preparing to release four new lines of headphones: BerryBuds, Bling, and Toons, and Fat Bass. That’s not the best part though; there are a whopping 75 unique designs spanning across the four models! And we are not only talking color schemes.

Similar to the Super Mario headphones we saw a while back, Ankit has attached a bunch of crazy characters and designs to their earbuds. You can check out all the designs over at the Ankit website, but here are some of the crazy ones:






No details are known about the headphones besides what they will look like.

Ankit has a “full site coming soon” notice on their frontpage, so let’s take their word for it. I will let you know when their full site launches!

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