Philips CitiScape Downtown (Grey, Purple, Brown) w/ mic – $45-$50

| October 6, 2012 | 0 Comments

Ben’s Outlet is offering the Philips CitiScape Downtown in grey (with in-line microphone) for $45 with free shipping! If you are looking for the purple or brown versions, Amazon has them at ever-so-slightly more expensive prices: $47 and $50 respectively.

We included the CitiScape Downtown on our list of best portable headphones because of their small size and MusicSeal technology which reduces noise leakage very well. And this is assuming the price of $100! At $50 they are a steal. A bonus is the in-line microphone which makes them hard to take off! Check out our full review here.

What stands out to me about these headphones to be is their incredible comfort. They exert very low pressure on your ears but still remain secure. Highly recommended!!!


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