New Denon headphones announced: AH-C300EM, AH-C400EM, AH-D400EM, AH-D600EM, AH-D7100EM

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HeadRoom has spoken on behalf of Denon in light of their recent stockouts, announcing that the D2000, D5000, D7000, and AH-NC800 will be phased out immediately in anticipation of new models that will be released later this year (Summer/Fall).

A quick summary is as follows:

  • AH-D7100EM ($1,199 MSRP) will replace the D7000 ($999 MSRP)
  • AH-D600EM ($699 MSRP) will replace the D5000 ($699 MSRP) and D2000 ($349 MSRP)
  • AH-D400EM (new model, priced at $399)
  • AH-C400EM (most likely an IEM, priced at $349)
  • AH-C300EM (most likely an IEM, priced at $249)

Considering that the D2k, D5k, and D7k are some of the most highly regarded in their respective price ranges, you can be sure that Denon is going to come out swinging with the introduction of these new models.

Below are some photos I found of these models. Not sure which they match up to, but nonetheless here they are. I put the D7100 prototype photos on a separate page since we can be almost positive that one matches up properly… for the rest I took a guess.

Denon AH-C300EM (?):

Denon AH-C400EM (?):

Denon AH-D400EM (?):

Denon AH-D600EM (?):

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