Monster DNA Pro Wireless version coming Q2

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The gold-on-gold 24k might be Monster’s hot new headphone right now but that soon might change, if consumers’ wallets are up to the challenge. At this year’s CES, Monster showed off a Wireless version of their DNA Pro (Over-ear) headphones.


You may be surprised to hear that Wireless bluetooth pairing is not the only change with the DNA Pro Wireless compared to the original DNA Pro. Monster also added hinges which serve multiple functions. Most obvious is that it makes the headphones more portable. More importantly, there is a hidden sensor that turns off the wireless function and active noise canceling. Sounds convenient, but it could also be annoying if you are not used to folding up your headphones when they are not in use.

For those worried about sacrificing sound quality because of wireless transmission, fear not. The DNA Pro Wireless utilizes the all-important aptX technology, ensuring your music is transferred at the highest quality.

While the headphones do have some great features, we haven’t talked about price which looks like it will be a big hurdle in consumer adoption for these headphones. While the Wired version of the DNA Pro is an already a relatively steep $280, the new Wireless edition is more akin to a cliff because the price is set at $450. That being said, there is something to be said for buying high quality audio gear. As long as you take care if it, it should last a long time!¬†

Release date is Q2 2014.

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