MEElectronics announce A161P, new flagship

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MEElectronics will try to out-do themselves in the single balanced armature arena, readying their new flagship in the A161P as a follow-up to their highly respected A151. The IEMs are due for release mid-April. More details after the jump.

The A161P will feature a new armature driver, an in-line microphone, and a carrying case.

After a flood of questions on their Facebook page, MEElectronics answered some burning questions:

  • “Yes, they are easy to wear over the ear.”
  • “There is no higher-end dynamic-driver model planned to replace the CC51 at this time.”
  • The A151 will not be discontinued
  • “We think the treble is smoother than it would have been with a Knowles TWFK armature and hope the bass roll-off is lower as well”
  • Compared to the A151, the A161P has “better bass & treble extension, better overall balance, clearer and more resolving. A151 fans will still like it but it should appeal to a broader range of listeners. It is not v-shaped or bright/treble-heavy.”

MEElec posted a frequency response graph up on the product website… check it out!

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