Maximo iMetal iM-590 / iP-595 Review

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Price: $41 (MSRP $60)
Wear style: Over the ear or straight down
Key feature: In-line microphone (iP-595 only)

In Short: The iM-590 carries a close-to-neutral sound and is easily a top choice in the sub-$50 category.

Quick overview:

The Maximo iMetal iM-590 is one of the few “total package” headphones at this price. It is comfortable, provides decent isolation, comes with a handful of useful accessories, and of course it delivers good sound quality.

The bass is tight and extends well into the middle of the sub-bass. Bass quantity is about average but it has enough texture and body to make itself evident. The mids keep a good balance and come through clear. Treble has a good amount of sparkle and also extends well to the top but can become harsh at high volumes (EQ can always help here). The overall sound signature is very close to neutral but it has a slight warmth. The soundstage is impressive as well: spacious with good instrument separation.

The iM-590 keeps very well to the original recording. It sounds fluid, polished, and maintains a good sense of realism. Despite its focus on accuracy, it somehow manages to be remain engaging.

Those looking for a balanced, analytical headphone at an affordable price can end their search here. The iMetal iM-590 performs well across the board and comes with a comforting lifetime warranty.


Color options Black, White
Driver type 9mm Dynamic
Impedance Unknown
Sensitivity 100 dB
Frequency Response 12-22k Hz
Cable 4’ with 45°-plug (without extension cable)
Nozzle size 5mm
Warranty Lifetime
Included accessories Four sets of eartips, 2.5mm adapter, airline adapter, 2-ft extension cable, shirt clip, and carrying case
Recommended tips Stock bi-flanges
Mods Foam ring isolation mod

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