Marshall Monitor – $109 [Active Deal]

| January 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

Anyone eye-ing the Marshall Monitor headphones will be happy to hear that they just received a huge price drop, from $200 to $109. The Monitor is the flagship headphone from Marshall, the well-known British amplifier company who has recently been releasing headphones in partnership with Zound Industries.


While Marshall’s first few headphones received pretty bad reviews, reviews of their most recent headphones (starting with the 50th anniversary Marshall Major) have been just the opposite.

From what I have read, the Monitor does not have a neutral sound signature despite its name. So, ironically, these probably shouldn’t be used for monitoring applications. Rather, they carry a bass-focused sound. Treble is tamed, but there is cloth filter inside the headphones that can be easily removed that brightens up the treble. For $109 these are a good deal if you like the look of them.


They are also available at Brookstone for a similar (but slightly more expensive) price if you use code SAVE15.

Thanks to IlluminatusCU at SlickDeals for the original post.

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