Mark Clayton (Ex-NFL Wide Receiver) founds Livv Headphones

| July 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

Being a Baltimore Ravens fan, the name Mark Clayton stuck out like a sore thumb when browsing through my RSS reader “Headphones” section. Apparently, the ex-Wide Receiver has become a businessman since retiring from the NFL.

According to Forbes, Mark Clayton is the latest celebrity to hop on the headphones bandwagon. But like Dr. Dre and Beats, he will actually be a founder in the company (as opposed to¬†another company branding “Mark Clayton headphones”).



Clayton created the company on the basis that people shouldn’t have to sacrifice sound quality or comfort when working out. The main distinction between Livv Headphones and the current market¬†is their over-ear design with ear hooks.

Livv Headphones will be manufactured by Aurisonics and are primed for a Summer 2015 launch.

[via Oklahoma Sooners & NFL Blog]


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