M-Audio HDH50 studio headphones available now

| February 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

M-Audio showed off a boatload of new products at this year’s NAMM show, among them a fresh new pair of studio headphones called the HDH50.


Being a studio headphone, the HDH50 features an over-ear and closed-back design. Reinforced with steel and aluminum, the HDH50 promises to withstand the rigors of studio use. In terms of sound quality, all we know at this point is that the new HDH50 features 50mm drivers which are notably bigger than the company’s current flagship headphone, the Q40 (40mm drivers).

Although the HDH50 is advertised primarily as a studio headphone, it appears that M-Audio hopes it will appear to casual listeners as well, seeing as it comes with a built-in microphone. Interestingly, M-Audio didn’t carry on the “Q” name that they established with their Q40, a headphone that has received very favorable reviews.  

The HDH50 are available now for $199.

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