Koss releases Striva WiFi-enabled headphones

| April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Koss is pushing their creative limits and is incorporating wireless streaming into their line of headphones a-la Sync by 50.

The Striva offers three ways to listen to music.

  1. Plug it in like normal headphones! They come with a detachable cable.
  2. Connect via WiFi to the MyKoss server, where you can stream thousands of free radio stations
  3. Plug in the Striva Control Access Point (which comes with the headphones) to any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack – your computer, your phone, your mp3 player – and whatever is playing will be broadcasted wirelessly to your Striva headphones

The Striva’s come in two flavors: in-ear (Striva Tap) and over-ear (Striva Pro) and will set you back $500 and $400 respectively. Since the Strivas were just released today, we can’t report on the sound quality, but convenience is obviously the name of the game here. No word on battery life.

To add my two cents, I think wireless features are cool but the same things can be done with smartphones, and anyone willing to drop $450 on headphones certainly has one. The only real innovation with the Striva is going cable-free but personally I don’t mind carrying around a small media player. The Striva headphones can be compared to noise cancelling technology in my opinion: you are paying a lot for that technology when you could be paying for better sound instead. That said, I’m sure the sound quality is far from bad and those who are bothered by will probably love the Strivas.

Do you think the Strivas will be a success?

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