Koss ProDJ100 Review

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Current price: $55 (MSRP $80)
Wear style: Over-ear

In Short: The ProDJ100 is far from versatile but is one of the best performers of vocal and acoustic tracks south of $200. Sacrificing user-friendliness has never been so tempting.

Quick overview:

Starting with the construction, the DJ100 is made mostly of metal. Should anything break from normal use you can take advantage of Koss’s epic lifetime warranty. Clamping force is lower than other DJ sets and sacrifices stability for a loose, comfortable fit. The DJ100 leaks very little sound but does not isolate from outside noise as well as its competitors.

Before we talk sound quality, it is important to know that the DJ100 performs significantly better when paired with an amplifier, preferably a neutral one. They are actually quite picky when it comes to this. Another way you can try to improve performance is by switching out the stock ear pads with Audio Technica M50 earpads, which will also help with comfort.

The ProDJ100 has an atypical sound signature for a DJ headphone. Koss advertises “extreme bass” but they are actually light in this department compared to most DJ sets (although in terms of bass quality it is on par). The midrange is the most interesting aspect of the DJ100 – it is very accurate and slightly forward but sounds thinner than the treble and bass. It is also crisp and carries a lot of texture. Treble is not smooth or laid back but is very clear and detailed. The DJ100 is not recommended for hard-rock or electronic music but shines in the upper mid-range and treble, making acoustic and vocal tracks sound very alive.

Presentation and soundstage are other highlights of the DJ100. It sounds deep and wide to begin with and becomes even more so when properly amped. Instrument separation and imaging are great for closed headphones making them very suitable for gaming.

Despite the long list of prerequisites to make the DJ100 a practical headphone, it is a fantastic deal if those prerequisites are met.


Space saving mechanisms Flat-folding, tilting cups, collapsible
Driver type Dynamic
Impedance 38 Ω
Sensitivity 99 dB SPL/1mW
Frequency Response 10 – 25k Hz
Cable 8ft coiled with straight plug, one-sided
Warranty Lifetime
Included accessories 1/4″ adapter plug
Recommended earpads Audio Technica ATH-M50 earpads (improves sound and comfort)

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