[Expired] Koss ProDJ100 – $53 shipped (plus a few warnings)

| April 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

Update: Looks like Amazon has been fiddling around with the prices, and it is back up to ~$61.

The Koss ProDJ100 is on sale at Amazon for $53 + free super saver shipping.

They are an interesting set of headphones, and definitely a steal for $53 but only under certain circumstances…

(TL;DR: gamers, acoustic and vocal-music listeners, and people with amps only!)

First, they really need an amp to reach their full potential. “Yeah, but that’s the case with all headphones!”. Turns out that despite having the same impedance as the revered M50, the DJ100 improves significantly in many areas when used with the a proper amp (neutral or mid centric amps mostly).

Another thing is that you will want to pick up a pair of M50 earpads if you don’t have any in your back pocket. I have read that this will significantly improve comfort and sound.

Lastly, their sound is not for everyone. Despite advertising “extreme bass”, the DJ100’s are actually relatively bass-light. If this is to your liking, and you enjoy forward upper mids and treble, the DJ100’s are a steal. They are excellent for vocal and acoustic music, and also gaming because of their wide soundstage and good imaging.

Best of all, they come with Koss’s lifetime warranty!

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  1. Justin Miner says:


    Koss Pro DJ100 for $49.00 after coupon STIMULUS.

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