Klipsch KG-200, KG-300 headsets inbound for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and PC

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For casual gamers, the stock headsets packed with Sony and Microsoft’s consoles are adequate. They’re not the most comfortable, and the build quality is below average, but for a few minutes of trash talking here and there, it does the trick.

For more competitive or hardcore gamers, the upcoming Klipsch KG-200 and KG-300 might be right up your alley. Both headsets were announced at CES and headphone product manager Chris Aiello promises they “will be the quintessential audio accessory that best brings the gaming experience to life.”


Let’s find out why:

  • Four equalizer presets (Fidelity, Combat, Stealth, Sport)
  • Ear mounted controls
  • Detachable, adjustable, noise filtering, and auto leveling “boom” mic
  • Dolby Digital decoding (KG-300 only)
  • SphereSpace Surround Technology (KG-300 only)
  • 3x AAA batteries required (KG-300 only)
  • Mesh ear pads
  • 40mm drivers

The KG-200 comes priced in at $129, but for $70 more you can get the added benefits of the KG-300, which can be had for $199. If you play first-person shooters, it may make sense to reach for the KG-300 because Dolby Digital 360 degree sound can be a huge benefit when pinpointing footsteps or gunshots. It would also make sense to grab the KG-300 if you need the wireless capability.

Unfortunately, the Xbox One is left in the dust. Because of Microsoft’s stringent requirements for third-party peripherals on the next gen Xbox, Klipsch was not able to get the green light on their new product.

Both the KG-300 and KG-200 are available for pre-order right now from the official Klipsch website.

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