Incase debuts the Capsule, Pivot, Reflex, and Sonic

| June 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

Incase has recently released their “2012 Summer Audio Collection”, comprising of one in-ear headphone, two portable headphones, and one full-size headphone.

The pricing breakdown is as follows:
Incase Capsule – $49 (In-ear, shown in purple above)
Incase Pivot – $59 (On-ear, shown in green above)
Incase Reflex – $79 (On-ear, shown in red above)
Incase Sonic – $149 (Over-ear, shown in white above)

They all come in a wide range of color schemes, so head over to their website to play around with the options. The up-close pictures on their site are great because you can see the texture of the “premium fabrics” they use. The fabrics alone make these headphones worthy of a double-take.

Here is a video that shows off the different models and how they were designed:

I like the minimal approach, but they do look sorta cheap… but then again I haven’t gotten my hands on them so don’t believe anything I say!

Has anyone had a chance to hear these?

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