HiFiMan HE-400i, HE-560 set for March release

| January 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

HiFiMan announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that they are expanding their line of excellent planar magnetic headphones. The new HE-400i is slotted right above the HE-400 and carries a price tag of $499. The new HE-560 is a step below the flagship HE-6 and will cost $899. Both headphones will be available to order in March.


HiFiMan HE-560 (left) and HE-400i (right)

Not only do we expect sound improvements, but CNet reports that these two new headphones will be lighter and more comfortable than HiFiMan’s current offerings thanks to a brand new headband design.

My biggest question is how much lighter and more comfortable will they actually be? Unfortunately, we don’t have numbers at this time, so we can only hope for the best. Personally, I find HiFiMan’s current-gen headphones way too heavy to be comfortable. If they could significantly lower the weight using some HiFiMagic, I think more people would be willing to switch and adopt planar magnetics. Only time will tell!

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