HiFiMan HE-400 price cut alert! Now $299

| January 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

Earlier this month at CES, HiFiMan showed off the HE-400i, a revamped version of the HE-400, one of the company’s entry-level planar magnetic headphones. The new version is just a month or so away from its March release, so HiFiMan is cutting the price of the old model from $399 to $299. You can grab them at this price at Head-Direct or Head-Direct’s eBay Store if you want to accumulate some eBay Bucks.

Even at $399, the HE-400 is considered a pretty good value considering it’s one of the few planar magnetic headphones you could buy for under $500.


Assuming the HE-400 price cut to $299 is permanent, this leaves an interesting gap in the prices of HiFiMan’s planar magnetic headphones:

  • HE-300 $249
  • HE-400 $299
  • HE-400i $499

Maybe the street prices of the HE-400i will come down? Or maybe the HE-400 price cut is only temporary? If there is such a disparity between the prices of the two, it is surprising HiFiMan didn’t give the HE-400i a different name… perhaps HE-450 would have made more sense. We’ll have to see.

Regardless, the HE-400 is a great deal at $299. Just make sure you have an amp strong enough to power it.

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