Headphones to match your jeans? Check, thanks to Urbanears

| May 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

Already available in 14 (!) colors, the Urbanears Plattan is a lightweight portable headphone that already looks slick as it is. Now Urbanears has a new trick up it’s sleeve for the Plattan… denim!

The new design will go up for sale on May 23. It features denim-covered ear cups and headband, while the rest of the headphone is painted a similar shade of blue  We expect there to also be a “Plus” edition that has an in-line microphone (as with the other Plattans).

The “normal” Plattan retails for $60 but the Denim version comes at a slight premium: $80. For European customers that premium will be even higher thanks to conversion rates: 80€ or £80.

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