HiFiMan RE-0 Review

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Price: $79
Wear Style: Straight down or over-the-ear

In Short: Audiophile sound quality for entry-level money but be warned: they are bass-light!

Quick overview:

The RE-0 is famous in the the world of headphone enthusiasts because of the (surprise) incredibly detailed and accurate sound they are able to reproduce. Their very minimal coloration leads to a neutral sound signature.

The biggest complaint people have with the RE-0 is the lack of bass impact, but if you can move past this without regret you are in for a treat. Bass quality is quite good, there is just not a heck of a lot of it compared to other headphones. Extension is good across the entire frequency range.

Mids are neither forward nor recessed, and the treble is non-aggressive as well. One of the greatest characteristics about the RE-0 is that it is neutral enough to where you can tune it out as background music, but detailed enough so that you can pick out the faintest of details in the music. The soundstage is only average for this price, but imaging and layering are very good. They are laid-back, but analytical. There is no initial “wow” factor, but once they are accustomed to it is obvious where their value lies.

You get much more than you pay for with the RE-0, as long as neutrality is where your preference lies.


Color Black
Driver type 9mm Dynamic
Impedance 16 Ω
Sensitivity 100 dB/1 mW
Frequency Response 15-22k Hz
Cable 4.1 ft (1.2m) with I-plug
Nozzle size 5.5mm
Warranty 1 Year
Included accessories Spare filters, several single- and bi-flange silicone tips, and a shirt clip
Recommended tips Soundmagic PL30 foam tips, De-cored Shure Olives

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