H2O Audio Surge Pro Mini Review

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Price: $50 (MSRP $99.99)
Key feature: Waterproof

In Short: Top of the line waterproof headphone from H2O Audio. It has the most realistic sound of H2O’s headphones but if powerful bass is your cup of tea the Surge 2G is the clear choice.

Quick overview:

As with H2O Audio’s other headphones, the Surge Pro Mini’s biggest strength its waterproof ability. You can rise them off in the sink and even swim in them if you have the proper gear. H2O Audio accomplishes this by applying a waterproof coating to the electronic parts on the inside of the headphones.

Sound-wise, the Surge Pro Mini has a lot in common with the H2O’s budget option, the Flex. The overall tone is close to neutral with a slight emphasis on the mid-range due to some early roll-off in the sub-bass and upper treble. Clarity and detail are improved from the dynamically-driven Flex and Surge but are not up to par with other armature-driven earphones around this price. The Pro Mini is able to keep up with fast songs better than the lower end models but not by a huge margin. Soundstage is slightly below average compared to the non-waterproof competition.

The Surge Pro Mini definitely has the best sound quality of the bunch thanks to the armature driver but not by leaps and bounds. The Flex is not a huge downgrade while keeping many of the same qualities and the Surge 2G has more bass to offer up.

All things considered, there aren’t many waterproof headphones out there and if you want the most balanced and accurate sound, the Surge Pro Mini is the way to go.


Driver type 8mm Dynamic
Impedance 16 Ω
Sensitivity 106 dB
Frequency Response 18-20k Hz
Cable 3.7 ft (1.1m) with I-plug
Nozzle size 6mm
Warranty 1 Year
Included accessories Single flange rubber tips (5 sizes), foam hybrid tips (2 sizes), zippered carrying pouch
Recommended tips Stock single flanges

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