H2O Audio Surge 2G / Surge Contact Review

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Price: $30 (MSRP $59.99)
Key features: Waterproof, in-line microphone (Surge Contact only)

In Short: The follow-up to H2O Audio’s original waterproof earphone, the Surge (1G). It is great for the gym, pool, or clumsy people prone to spills.

Quick Overview:

The waterproof ability is the obvious highlight of the Surge 2G. It is able to completely resist water whether from sweat, spills, and even buckets of water. The waterproof claim is no gimmick: you can even swim with them granted you use a compatible case for your music player.

The Surge is the least technical of H2O’s headphones when it comes to overall sound quality, but it will suit those who have bass quantity on their short list. The bass is not extremely impactful but it has good weight and does not intrude on the mid-range. The mids are forward and smooth, and the treble has similar characteristics though it is more laid back. The Surge never sounds harsh but at the expense of some detail and sparkle. The overall sound quality is not bad by any means for a $30 earphone. It is cohesive and perfectly suitable for upbeat recordings which is what I think most people will be listening to since H2O’s headphones are sports-oriented. However those who like to pick out details should look at one of H2O’s other models.

The Surge Contact 2G is also the only model with an in-line microphone which is very nice to have if you are planning to use them as your primary portable headphone.

The Surge is easy to recommend if you are unsure which H2O model you want because it provides the most “mainstream” sound. The Trax may also be worth a look, but not much is known about it besides the touted low-noise cable and memory wire (in vein of the Meelec M6).


Driver type 8mm Dynamic
Impedance 16 Ω
Sensitivity 106 dB
Frequency Response 18-20k Hz
Cable 3.7ft (1.1m) with I-plug
Nozzle size 6mm
Warranty 1 Year
Included accessories Elastomer ear tips (5 sizes), zippered carrying pouch

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