Go undercover with the ATH-BB500 CM

| March 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

I didn’t realize I have been on a good-looking-headphone-drought until these popped up.

The BB500’s have a bunch of unique things going for them. First is that they have a camo finish… awesome. There is also a black version available.

Second is that the picture above is not taken sideways. These are actually designed to be behind-the-head-phones.

Lastly, they are imported from Japan so there are probably not many people that have their hands on a pair… I only know about them because Audio Technica tweeted a review of them.

Turns out that they are unfortunately a step down sound-wise from the revered M-50 which is probably why you haven’t heard about them. Regardless, these could be a pretty sweet pickup if you’re looking show up your friends that have Beats… wait… you have friends with Beats!?!? haha.

The camo version pictured above can be purchased at Amazon. They go for about $125.

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