Fischer Audio FA-003 / Brainwavz HM5 Review

| May 7, 2012 | 2 Comments

Price: $140 (MSRP $190)
Wear style: Over-ear (Closed back)

In short: An entry-level studio and home listening set whose comfort and sound quality can compete with many mid-range headphones. Build quality and accessories one-up those competitors.

Quick overview:

The HM5 keeps a flat frequency response across the board and is appropriately advertised as a studio monitor (though it is also good for home listening and gaming). It is a near clone of the Fischer Audio FA-003, as is the case with many Brainwavz headphones (there is also a cheap unbranded version floating around). Build quality is very good and notably comes with two detachable cables (one long, one short).

Onto the sound, its most obvious quality is that the tone is very close to neutral. There is a slight mid-bass hump giving it some extra punch but they are certainly not bass-heavy. Detail, clarity, and texture are good but can’t keep up with mid- and high-end sets. Despite their neutrality they are not purely analytical – they have a slightly warm and involving presentation than your typical “analytical” headphones. Soundstage is above average for a closed-back headphone.

Fischer Audio went above the call of duty and offers a complete package in the FA-003 / HM5. Sound, build quality, and accessories are all superb for the asking price. Those who prefer a natural and uncolored presentation will find these to be an incredible value.


Driver type 42mm Dynamic
Impedance 64 Ω
Input power 100 mW
Sensitivity 105 dB
Frequency Response 10 – 26.5k Hz
Cable 4.6ft and 10ft detachable with straight plug
Warranty 1 year
Included accessories 1/4″ adapter, extra set of earpads, airplane adapter, 1.3m detachable cable, 3.0m detachable cable, carrying case

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  1. Victor says:

    The “unbranded” set you mention are available from:

  2. JamesSt says:

    I bought a pair of HM5s about 6 months ago. They give you absolutely great sound for under $150 but I ran into a big problem. Both sides where the slider connects to the headphones started to crack within a week of one another. A little later pieces of plastic started falling off and now I can’t take them off too fast without cutting my ear. Before you buy a pair try searching about the HM5s build quality, lots of complaints. The best part is even though I’m still under warranty they say breaking plastic is a normal result of usage even in the first six months. Pic if your interested.

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