ETY-Kids provide safe listening

| April 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

Etymotics has released a duo of new earphones that appeal to parents who want to protect their children from damaging their ears from loud music. However, it could put them in danger out on the streets since the headphones are very isolating.

The specs are rather typical for a headphone of this size and price except for the impedance rating which is a whopping 300 ohms. That plays a big part in why they can be so volume-limiting (they cap out at 88 dB, a safe range for listening). Looks like their path to volume-limiting was less complicated than dB Logic’s who have a patent pending for their SPL2 technology.

Check out the frequency response graph below:

The Ety Kids 3 and the Ety Kids 5 bear typical Etymotic sound qualities: rather cold and bass-light but detailed and crisp.

Learn more at the Ety-Kids product page. They are available now for $79 and $49 respectively.

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