Details of the upcoming Frogbeats custom IEMs

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When I posted the news a few days ago of the soon-to-be-released Frogbeats customs, I didn’t have much info to relay other than that they are “coming soon”. Well, I missed a crucial post over at Head-Fi from user Dropdynamite who apparently got in contact with David from Frogbeats who was able to shed some more light on the new earphones.

The Frogbeats C3, C4, and C5 will all be mid-tier customs pricing in at around £460, £530, and £625 respectively (for US readers that would be $580, $665, and $765). Of course that is before any customization.

The C3 and C5 will share a similar sound signature: a V-shaped frequency response leading to a more fun and consumer-oriented sound. The C4 will be neutral and marketed towards musicians. All three models will come with a black twisted detachable cable, and more cable options will be available sometime after launch.

In terms of customization, Frogbeats will offer plenty of options. Most interestingly is the option to custom tune the earphones, something I have not heard of before. In other words, those that want to eek out a little more bass or maybe lessen the treble sparkle might be able to do so at a simple request.

All three earphones will have the same customization options which include:

  • 10 shell color options (free to choose): dark red, dark purple/blue, burgundy/deep red, dark purple/blue, bright green, dark blue, light blue, dark smoke, light smoke, teal “frogbeats” green, and blue/black. Officially the names are more interesting such as “John Deer Green” and “Black Night”.
  • Advanced shell customizations (£30-£70): face plate color, art work engraving, black carbon fibre, clear canals, coloured canals

Accessories will be a pelican carrying case (!) and cleaning tool.

They will ship out within 3-4 weeks from the order date, with the option to rush order at a premium (as of now unknown) price.

If you sign up for the Frogbeats newsletter you should be getting a notification any day now…

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