Denon’s first standalone DAC/Amp due out in February

| January 26, 2014 | 1 Comment

Headphones are only one part of the equation over at Denon. They also sell high quality A/V components, receivers, and most recently, wireless speakers for your home a la Sonos.

Since the company is already known for high quality source components, why not make source components specifically for their headphones? That must have been what they were thinking, as the release of the DA-300USB DAC & amplifier is right around the corner.


Set for release in Feburary in Europe for £329 (no word on whether it will come to North America), the DA-300USB aims to be the only accompaniment you’ll need for your set of home listening cans.  It comes in a minimal but sleek silver case (measuring 17 x 17 x 5.5 cm) with the following features:

  • 32-bit, 192khz digital to analogue conversion with advanced AL32 processing (same as as Denon’s flagship CD/SACD players)
  • Can be positioned horizontally or vertically using the included clip-on stand
  • Inputs: USB-B, coaxial, optical digital
  • Outputs: headphone out, stereo RCA


Read more (and see more photos) over at the official product page.

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  1. enu says:

    Hey, is that a plastic enclosure for 329 pounds ?

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