Denon AH-D1100 Review

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Price: $150 (MSRP $199)
Wear style: Over-ear (Closed back)

In Short: A (trans)portable headphone built to satisfy bass-hungry listeners without drowning out the mids and highs.

Quick overview:

The D1100 folds flat and has good build quality but is quite large for a portable and isn’t the most stylish out there. Because of this, I consider the D1100 transportable rather than portable. The moderate clamping force seals well for good isolation.

In terms of sound, the D1100 provides excellent value for those who want big bass but still want the mids and highs to come through clear. The bass is thick, hits hard, and always makes sure it gets noticed. It is rounded at the edges giving a smooth feel to the bass as opposed to crisp and tight. The mids sound slightly recessed due to the powerful bass but clarity and detail is good, and there is a smoothness that most sets in this price range can’t touch. The treble doesn’t hold itself back very much and complements the bass/mids nicely. The soundstage and imaging is impressive, but closed cans are not known for these qualities and the D1100 is no exception.

For a bass-oriented sound that you can take on the go, the D1100 is a solid choice. It is not “dark” as many bass-oriented headphones are. The M-Audio Q40 is very similar.


Features Swivel cups, Tilting cups
Driver type Dynamic
Impedance 32 Ω
Sensitivity 101 dB
Frequency Response 5 – 37,000 Hz
Cable 4.3ft (1.3m) OFC Litz with straight plug + 11.5ft (3.5m) extension
Weight 6.7oz
Warranty 1 year
Included accessories Carrying pouch

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