dBLogic EP-100 Review

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Price: $35
Key feature: Volume limiting technology
Wear style: Straight down or over the ear

In Short: Effortless protection from noise-induced hearing loss without sacrificing sound quality.

Quick review:

The EP-100 is a solid option in the sub-$50 category and offers volume limiting so no matter how hard you try to blast the music, the volume will be capped at safe hearing levels.

The comfort of the EP-100 is fantastic thanks to its miniature design and third party ear tips can make them some of the most comfortable in-ear headphones around. They isolate very well from outside noise, but there is some cable noise that can be an annoyance when moving around.

Sound quality is impressive but given the fact that dbLogic is owned by Harman (AKG) it is not so surprising. The bass is very clean and impactful with proper insertion. At the loudest volume, the EP-100 is free from distortion and pumps out a smooth, warm sound. It is not particularly energetic or aggressive but successfully avoids any harshness. The EP-100 specializes in pop/rock but doesn’t fail at other genres.

With many headphone technologies, you end up settling with sub-par sound quality (noise cancelling and wireless are two generalized examples). With dbLogic’s SPL2 (sound pressure level limiting) technology, this is not the case. It seems as if dbLogic designed the earphone first, then tacked on the SPL2 technology afterwards.

The EP-100 is a smart, affordable way to save your ears (or your children’s) from destruction without sacrificing sound quality. dbLogic also sells full-sized headphones with the same volume limiting technology.


Color options Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Orange, Silver
Volume-limiting technology Sound Pressure Level Limiting (SPL2)
Driver type 9mm dynamic
Impedance 19 Ω
Frequency Response 20 – 20k Hz
Cable 4’ (1.2m) with straight plug
Nozzle size 2mm
Warranty 1 year
Included accessories bi-flange silicone tips (3 sizes) and hard plastic carrying case
Recommended tips Stock bi-flanges, Shure Olives

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