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Headphones have become a sort of fashion statement lately. No matter your style preference, there are headphones to match. Here are some of our top picks for coolest looking headphones! Of course everyone’s opinion is different as to what makes a cool looking headphone, so I tried to be diverse in my selections. Below you will find flashy, classy, unique, retro, and simply beautiful headphones. Enjoy!

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In order of increasing price:

ZipBuds – $20

Tired of getting your headphone wires tangled? Enter zipper-cabled headphones! I found these over at Yanko Design where it was just a concept by Ji Woong (and apparently a guy named Michael Schitman), but ZipBuds jumped on the idea and has them available for $20. I can’t report on the sound quality or anything else for that matter, but for $20 it might be just worth it for the aesthetics! [Buy at Amazon]



Miya Custom Color Earbuds – $30

Similar to Nike’s NikeID custom shoe creation, Miya Headphones has custom earphone creations! Simply head over to their site, play with the interactive color changing module, and press “Buy” when you are done! They are very affordable at $30 but I cannot comment on the quality of the sound or build. [Customize & Buy at Miya Headphones]




3D Custom Headband Headphones – Price unknown (discontinued)

It does not look like these are in production anymore, but Brian Garrett came up with the idea which was made a reality by Freedom of Creation, a company that specializes in 3D printing. Have a favorite song or quote but don’t want to commit to a tattoo? Problem epicly solved. What would you write on yours?




Audio Technica ATH-BB500 CM – $100

Every member of the U.S. Army should be given one of these as part of their standard gear. I am not sure if they would stay secure on their heads due to the behind-the-back headband style, but nevertheless, I stand by my statement! The BB500 is imported from Japan and are not very popular here in the States. [Buy at Amazon]




AIAIAI TMA-1 – $200

The TMA-1 is one of the best DJ headphones on the market. The iconic swirled, coiled cable paired with the matte, brandless finish makes it a truly classy headphone. The TMA-1 was such a success that AIAIAI has followed it up with the TMA-1 Studio which was designed for the travelling musician/producer. The Studio version utilizes an over-ear design and has a more neutral frequency response. A version with a built-in microphone is available for $20 extra. [Buy at Amazon]



V-Moda Crossfade LP2 / M-80 – $200

V-Moda’s Crossfade series has “industrial” written all over them with their metal construction, shiny ear cups, and overall futuristic design. They are also very well-built although they lack folding features (the upcoming M-100 will change this). The LP2 is a full-size headphone while the M-80 is very small portable headphone. Both are very well respected in the sound category, with the LP2 taking the bass crown – it is easily the bassiest headphone on this list. Oh, I almost forgot to mention: you can customize the removable face plates with your own artwork! [Buy at Amazon]



AKG K701 – $275

A true beauty. The K701 has many siblings (K702, K601, and more), but most people agree that the K701 is the best looking of the bunch. It looks much more expensive than it actually is, and sounds great as well. It  is highly regarded for its soundstage and ability to convey great detail, but many people find it “thin” sounding. It is also picky when it comes to source matching, so plugging these directly into your iPod will make audiophiles across the world facepalm in disappointment. [Buy at Amazon]


CustomCans personalized DJ headphones – (click for price list)

There is nothing more awesome looking than some of the custom headphones I have seen emerge from the CustomCans lab. They are able to customize your headphones with a plethora of color options and personalized artworkThey can also perform several mods, including embedding a laser pointer in the ear cup of the Sony MDR-V700DR, a stereo-to-mono switch for one-ear listening for DJs, and cable wrapping! If you have an idea, shoot it over to them and they will work with you to make it a reality!


Grado SR325i – $300

For those who like retro-styled designs, Grados are a must! They actually look pretty goofy when worn, but look stunning otherwise. The cheaper Grados have black plastic grilles and are therefore much less flashy, and the higher end Grados are mostly wooden. If you are willing to sacrifice the chrome and interested in trying the Grado sound, the $79 SR60i is highly recommended. Grado’s are famous for their excellent pairing with rock-type genres. [Buy at Amazon]



Audio Technica ATH-ES10 – $400

The ES10 is one of the most expensive portable headphones and features beautiful, shiny, silver reflective ear cups. They are bound to turn heads (and blind eyes), but they don’t play nice with fingerprints. If you find the style irresistible but can’t fork over that much cash, check out the much more affordable ES7 (or the ESW9 if you like wooden cups). [Buy at Amazon]




Monster Daft Punk Tron Headphones – $350

Daft Punk had celebrity headphones? Apparently so, and they look awesome (and that is an understatement). I said had because they are discontinued and I can’t find anywhere to buy them online. I also found a picture of these black Tron-style headphones, but I think they may have just been a prototype.




Sennheiser HD 800 – $1,500

The future has arrived! The HD 800 is widely accepted as one of the most resolving headphones in the world, so much so that some people find them unlistenable because of their “hot” treble. Its soundstage and imaging are unmatched, but as with most high-end headphones they need a proper amp to sound their best. Sennheiser just released the HD 800’s little brother, the HD 700, which is much smaller but still a home listening headphone. [Buy at Amazon]



Sony Qualia 010 – $3,000+

The Qualia 010 is a legendary, discontinued headphone that few people possess that carries one of the largest price tags in the headphone world. It has a very unique sound in the same vein as the Sennheiser HD 800 and people say that it takes a while to get used to. Once your ears have adjusted, it is said that their soundstage, imaging, detail, and speed are absolutely amazing. They are said to be at their best with electronic music, but do not have a “realistic” enough sound to excel at other genres. Unfortunately as with every other headphone known to man, there are some downsides. The Qualia 010 is not adjustable so you need to make sure you get the right size headband (small is recommended for most people). Also, they are quite fragile but at this price, I think most of us would take nice care of them. Lastly, they have a somewhat tinny sound so at medium to high volumes there can be a great deal of sibilance. Also available in blue.


What do you think are the coolest looking headphones? Post a link in the comments!

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  1. rudeboybass says:

    People love the V-moda’s – you can even customize the side plates with different colors, your own logo’s, etc.

  2. Victor says:

    I had the V-Moda Crossfade LP’s.

    Definitely the nicest looking, and best looking on me, set of cans I have owned, but the lack of decent sound quality had them on their way back to amazon in less than a week. The bass and mids muddled together and the highs were barely there. They were the most inconsistent set of headphones I have ever owned. Sound was good on one thing and horrible on another. YMMV.

    FWIW, they were very comfortable.

    • mark says:

      Thanks for the comment Victor. That seems to be the general consensus. The LP2 is supposed to be a lot better, but still not great in terms of sound quality for the money.

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