Comply producing OEM ear pads

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We all know and love Comply for making memory foam ear tips for in-ear headphones. Just by switching out the stock ear tips with Comply foam, you can experience improved comfort, seal, and sound (no guarantees though; I usually like to stick with silicone ear tips).

At CES 2014, Comply announced they are expanding their product offerings to include ear pads for over-ear and on-ear headphones. For the time being, Comply ear pads will only be made available to OEMs, as Comply will work with the headphone manufacturers to  customize the ear pads to ensure the their ear pads pair well with the headphone. Currently, the Comply pads are only available on the Eops Noisezero O2+ and Soul Combat+ headphones.


Features of the new Comply headphone pads include:

  • Moisture management: sweat will not soak into the ear pads, making it easy to clean, and ideal for exercising
  • Flex-coat technology: the cover of the ear pads is very soft and malleable making it easy to fit around eyeglass wires, keeping the acoustic seal
  • Body-heat-activation: all Comply foam is body heat activated so it easily conforms to the shape of your head for maximum comfort

This is very exciting news, especially if Comply starts making their ear pads compatible with existing headphones, as they are already doing with their in-ear foam business. As an example, I am not a fan of the stock ear pads on the Koss ProDJ100 or Sennheiser HD-25-1 II, so I would definitely give Comply ear pads a shot if they were available. Perhaps this is in the pipeline!

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